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  • DreamScreen UltraWeave v7 vs. XY Screens SoundMax 4K
    How I Got Here The DreamScreen UltraWeave v7 and XY Screens SoundMax 4K are two of the better performing acoustically transparent screen materials that came out of my recent comparison of 31 AT materials. The results can be found on AVS here, and on my own site with better formatting here. I liked the XY SoundMax 4K … Read more
  • 31 Acoustically Transparent Screen Materials Reviewed and Measured
    Finding the right screen and screen material for your home theater can be quite challenging. Screen size, screen gain, room environment, ambient light, projector light output, screen type, cost, and more can make anyone’s head spin. If you pick an acoustically transparent screen, things get more complicated: 1) there aren’t as many options, and 2) … Read more
  • Buying a Refurbished Projector
    Projectors are expensive. Plain and simple. TVs have come down in price so much over the years that it is easy to get sticker shock when looking at a new 4K projector. But what a TV can’t give you is a massive theatrical screen in your own house. There’s a couple of options to score … Read more